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About Tendency (TDC): Your Barn Door Hinges Specialist

TDC: Redefining Hinge Manufacturing for 30 Years

Established over 30 years ago, Tendency (TDC) Hinges was built on the notion that a hinge can symbolize more than just a functional element - it can represent unity and connection. We are now a globally recognized brand, revered for our durable and aesthetically appealing hinges.

Our commitment was inspired by a customer's admiration for our products' reliability, leading us to create hinges that don't just meet safety and durability standards, but also foster connections between people and spaces. Today, we collaborate with businesses worldwide, providing robust hinges that enhance their operational efficiency and aesthetics.

Innovation is at our core, and our meticulously crafted hinges seamlessly bridge spaces with precision and elegance. We revolutionized the hinge from a mere functional element into a symbol of connection and quality. Looking to the future, TDC remains devoted to nurturing enduring relationships, pioneering innovation, and delivering exceptional quality with every hinge we create.

The Evolution of Tendency (TDC)

Trace the remarkable transformation of TDC Hinges, from its roots as a small family-owned hardware venture 30 years ago, to its present-day status as a globally recognized brand.

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Clients Testimonials

Ever since I started using TDC's hinges, the quality and durability of my products have seen a significant improvement. TDC is not just a hinge supplier; they are a trusted partner. Their products are beautifully designed, long-lasting, and easy to install, perfectly blending high quality with functionality. Whenever I have a query or need assistance, the TDC support team is always swift to respond, providing professional guidance and backing. For businesses and individuals who seek exceptional quality and outstanding service, I wholeheartedly recommend the TDC brand.

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